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A deep dive into life, love, and vending machines

D.G. Hilton's newest book, In the Wilds of Central Japan, is available now!

When author D.G. Hilton sets out with a backpack to explore Japan on his own for three months, trying to escape a life on pause, he begins an adventure that will alter the course of his life.

Starting on Japan’s main island of Honshu, Hilton visits the rural home of an ex-girlfriend who tries to rekindle the flame, before making his way south to Kyushu on a road trip with a failed geisha who didn’t make the cut. All the while, he dives into Japan’s history, its rural roots, and its modern culture.

This passionate, humorous, and deeply personal tale is more than a travel story and more than a paean to a fascinating country and an amazing culture. It’s also one man’s story of escaping his past and discovering an unexpected future far from home.

With keen observations and vivid writing, Hilton brings modern Japan and the outsider’s place in it to life like few other writers have. The result is much like the b…

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